About us

Our Business:

Since 1860, we have been working proactively with a desire to constantly improve. We are one of the main grain producing companies in Argentina harvesting 165,000 hectares in owned and leased farms.  Including our fund management business for international investors, we operate 210,000 total hectares in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

MSU headquarters located in Villa Cañas, Santa Fe province.

160 years of experience in agribusiness:

Our origins date back to 1860 with a solid track record and proven experience in agricultural production.


The Uribelarrea family begins its operations in the agricultural sector.


Manuel Santos De Uribelarrea (Sr) and Manuel Santos Urbielarrea Balcarce (Jr) founded MSU, and together transformed the company's traditional business model by strongly developing extensive agricultural production on leased fields.


An International Investment Farmland Fund was launched for institutional and private investors, including one of the main European Pension Funds.


Financing is obtained through the issuance of Corporate Bonds in the public capital market.


MSU Agro is one of the main agricultural producers in the country, with more than 850,000 tons of grains and 165,000 hectares sowed per year in Argentina. Including the fund management business, MSU operates more than 210,000 hectares in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.