Business Model

Business Model

Agricultural production

We are one of the main agricultural companies in Argentina, carrying out extensive agricultural production on own and leased fields. We have a solid track record applying advanced technology to increase productivity and soil protection.

Fund Management

We provide comprehensive assistance to local and international investors searching investment opportunities and developing and managing agricultural farms. We manage assets in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.




we produce more than 850,000 tons of grains per year and we sow more than 165,000 hectares in Argentina. That makes us one of the main agricultural companies in South America.

Geographic diversification:

We sow in the main productive areas of Santa Fe, Buenos Aires, Córdoba, La Pampa, Santiago del Estero, Chaco and Entre Ríos provinces. This geographic diversification allows us to mitigate climate risk and achieve result stability.

Long-term relationships:

We generate long-term bonds with all participants in the production chain: farm owners, input suppliers, exporters, contractors, logistics companies and financial institutions.

Human Resources:

We are a deeply committed team with recognized experience in the agricultural sector. We work efficiently and sustainably.

Commercial risk:

We commercialize the production to the main exporters in the country with excellent credit scores, avoiding delinquencies and bad debts in our commercial portfolio.

Financial and net worth strength:

We have a solid financial position and equity structure. We have broad access to bank financing and a stable track record in the capital markets.

Reputation in capital markets:

We have a solid track record in capital markets. Since 2013, we have successfully issued twelve series of our Corporate Bonds for an amount equivalent to more than 230 million dollars.