Good practices

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Recycling consists of obtaining new raw materials, from discarded products and elements. In this way, it is possible to extend the lifecycle of the product, benefiting the environment and generating less waste.


Paper Recycling: Recycling of unused paper through document shredding machines. The collected paper is destined to the Garrahan Foundation.


Eco bottles: We place all clean plastic materials inside empty plastic bottles. The eco bottles are destined for the “Fundacion Llena una Botella de Amor” through the City Hall of Villa Cañás.


Bottle Caps: Plastic bottle caps are recycled to be reused in new products. The caps collected are sent to the Garrahan Foundation Recycling Program.


Compost: We separate the daily waste generated between organic and non organic material. In this way, a transformation of degradable organic waste into compost is achieved, generating a natural fertilizer and nutrients for the soil.


PET hood: We separate the caps and labels of those plastic beverage bottles that require separate recycling as they are made of different types of plastics. The program is administered by the City Hall of Villa Cañás.


Ecovolta: This program proposes responsible battery recycling through the use of safety containers. Batteries pollute the environment and are considered hazardous waste. Collecting them in Ecovolta containers guarantees environmental care and eliminates the risk of contamination.